Wednesday 12 July 2023

How to have a successful festival one night hookup?

The holiday season is an important catalyst for hedonism. Not only can you watch live performances, but you can also participate in adult summer camps, which means you have plenty of opportunities to try one night hookup with people you may know or you may not know. But having many one night hook up experiences does not make you an expert in this field. Here are some tips for BBW dating.

It should be mutually-agreed
I have to add this one, especially since the festival can be a psychedelic playground, it's important to remember this rule. Even drinking too much can make it easier to judge someone's consent, let alone drugs. When everyone is high, things can be a little tricky. It is hard to tell if your partner is in for it or not. It can be even harder to what you want. To make sure this is agreed by both of you, you should try to prevent too much alcohol and drugs. Try to be sober.

Keep it legal
Unless you are on a holiday that explicitly allows public sexual activity, don't expect to be engage in oral sexual activity in public places. Look for a private place, such as a hotel nearby, your car or your apartment. Being arrested for public sexual behavior is not fun for anyone. Or, you know, you can wait until when a party is over or when everyone left…

Keep it down
When you are going out in holiday, the effect of soundproofing can be not so favorable. It's quite possible that your house is not built in a super hidden place, so be polite to neighbors and don't swear. In addition, if you have a roommate, make an open conversation about each other's dating plans before the party. It's easy to think of a festival as a horny, scented Vegas, but if you wake up and find that the roommate in the tent is sucking someone's toes, you're miserable.

Keep it clean
I really don't know why woman likes men to use their fingers like a dildo to drill the vagina, but I absolutely know that they don't want dirty fingers or long nails to do that kind of strange aerobic exercise. You should always keep your nails clean and short, but during the holiday season, you should take further measures to prevent STDs and often use antibacterial disposable wipes at your music party. Let your partner use them too, so you won't hate yourself or each other for extra sweat.

Also, please, please, when we talk about health issues, please spray a deodorant. At the festival, hygiene has become a bit free. I got it. But it is very bad to put a person's head in the armpit without deodorant.

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