Wednesday 12 July 2023

Dos and Don’ts When Dating A Rich Cougar

If you're looking for a cougar on online cougar hookup dating apps or sites. It's not easy to find a perfect cougar. Even if you've found a satisfying cougar, dating a cougar isn't as easy as dating a young woman. As a matter of fact, cougars are more experienced than you in love, life, sex, and career. They are not usually attracted by your handsome face or sexy lines. To keep them interested, you need to improve your emotional intelligence. Remember the following things you do's and don'ts while dating a rich cougar:

The Do's

1.Accept lifestyle changes

Generally speaking, the rich older woman has different taste and lifestyle from yours. She may prefer high-end shopping centers and luxury goods to local shopping stores. She might take you to some fancy restaurants and drink expensive wine. Don't feel inferior. You just need to be open to it. Think of it as an opportunity to visit new places and create memories.

2.Build your image

To give the cougar a mature, civilized impression, you need to keep your hair well-groomed and your clothes clean. You need to present yourself to her at your best. Only in this way can you be confident enough to sign up for an account on cougar hookup dating apps or sites. If you can't take care of yourself, how can you take care of her? That way, she'll just pass you by to date someone more attractive.

3.Accept the rules

Unlike other relationships, cougars dominate this relationship from the initial stage. Before you date a cougar, be prepared to let her set all the rules of the relationship. Otherwise, you can go out with the cougar dating and say goodbye.

The Don'ts

1.Don't let ego ruin your relationship

Many men find it hard to control themselves when they find women paying their bills in front of them. If you're going on a date with a cougar, remember the main reasons behind the relationship. Don't let your ego ruin your moment or even your relationship. Don't be embarrassed when she pays the bill. Instead, you should embrace her that she choose you from all the men who approach her on the cougar dating site or app.

2.Don’t treat her like a trophy

Whether she is old or young, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, don't treat your girlfriend like an object. Cougars are not dolls. They are not trophies to show off. Therefore, treat her just like a human, a girl in private and public.

3.Don't confront her head on

Cougars are usually very strong women, they have a certain status in society. They are used to being obeyed by others instead of resisting them. So, don't try to confront a problem no matter how sharp it is. All you have to do in front of her is be a good sheep, as she wishes.

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