Wednesday 12 July 2023

A failed one night hookup with a nice guy

My friend and I was so bored the other day. We were lying in our bed and thinking what should we do for tonight. Her parents were out of town and my parents were never home. They are in another city for business. I live alone. We usually spent our weekend playing video games and eating endlessly. Tonight, our block was going through a power failure. There is no light, nor candle. Our phones were about to die and we had no idea when the power would be back. If the power was on, we could have found some guy on hookup apps or hookup dating apps to have a one night hookup, but it seemed there was no way to achieve that. Suddenly, my friend came up with an idea. We should go to bars. We never went to bars before. Maybe without the light, the security guy couldn’t tell if we were underage or not. I thought it was a great idea.

We put on our most mature clothes and high heels and worn the heaviest make up that we couldn’t even recognize ourselves, but that was the purpose. We went to the closest bar in our neighborhood. There was no light, only candles, but it was full of people. Looks like they thought the same as we did. Luckily, we got in without suspicious. We ordered a few drinks and sit down in a table. There were several guys around us. That was also the reason why we chose this table. They were all pretty cute.

After we sat down, they greeted us nicely and then went back to their conversations. After a few minutes, there was a guy came to me and my friends. “How old are you?” “24 and 25”. “I don’t buy it. You are 17 and you are 18.” Oh my god, he was totally right. We were pretty shocked. I am 17 and my friend was 18. We were speechless. Then he said “come on, I won’t tell.” We admit it and then he went back to his friend. I saw them giving him 5 dollars each, so he was gambling on us.

My friend and I were pretty curious about how he can be so accurate with our age, so we went to them and asked. It turned out that he was the faculty of the school we went to. He knew us and we didn’t know him. Just like that, we entered their group.

He was so cute and kind. We had lots of talk with them. At the end of the night when we were about to go home, he offered to send us home. My friend was still having fun with another guy and she didn’t plan on going home tonight, which leaves us alone. After I arrived, I invited him in for some water. We kissed wildly. Just when I thought I was about to have one night tinder hookup with him, he pushed me away because I am underage and it is against the law. I nearly forced myself on him, but he insisted. So I had to quit. He was such a nice guy.

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